About Us

1For over few years, the team, has being perfecting and learning the ways of producing exquisite food and personal service, Dalila Buteco has been serving reliable, no-frills South American cuisine—first from a tiny, cash-only spot on Leicester Square and now in a gracious, colourful space on Borough Area.

Despite the name, the restaurant is not solely Brazilian: The menu is a contemporary, if slightly European, composite of South American dishes. But there are Brazilian elements, most notably the jovial, carefree, familial vibe that wraps you like a hug when you enter.2

Chefs Dalila Americo and Max Morais, are the heart of this cuisine, matching the warmth of the space: the passion for food, march through the menu. The most evocative dish, the feijoada, is a heady, stewed black beans & smoked pork ribs. And then there’s the frango a milanesa, a chicken dish served with a rich homemade pomodoro sauce and al dente spaghetti.

Untitled-2Dinner here isn’t a white tablecloth, fine-dining affair, but that’s just what makes the thoughtful service and surprising flavours all the more enticing.